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Training for the German Pumpkin Paddling Championships


There really is nothing that doesn’t exist. And then also as German championships. Pumpkin paddle race This past weekend I prepared two celebrities for a pumpkin paddling competition

Not an easy undertaking for inexperienced paddlers. Especially since the pumpkins are of course completely different in their water position. Overall, a pumpkin to be paddled weighs around 300 kg. This is then covered to such an extent that there is room for an adult person in it. Comfortable is different but I had to groove for a few minutes beforehand.

Then it started and we’ll see what came out of it and how the two VIPs did on one of the TV channels. Information about this in good time on my Facebook page “Secret Surf Travel” Pumpkin races probably already exist all over the world. Just enter the term on YouTube. There are a few funny videos right away. Anyway, I had a lot of fun filming. You don’t do that every day. I’m looking forward to a comment, otherwise have a good time. See you on the water. Thorsten

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