Algarve Surfguiding

Welcome to my Surfguiding part for the Algarve – Portugal

Surf Guiding is for everyone who would join the best Spots at the right time and to learn about the conditions and area YOU want to go Surfing.

My Name ist Thorsten Kegler and i guide and train people in surfing since 2000. After many years of working for Surf Schools i wrote my own concept and started to train advanced Surfers.

Traveling all over the world i always came since 1999 for a view month to Portugal.

Now i live in south of the Algarve and still love to train and guide people to find the best wave vor them.

SURF Guiding Algarve

You `re not a beginner ( take off on a green wave ) and want to go Surfing in the Algarve / Portugal ?

I guide you ( no surf lessons ) to the Spots from Lagos up to Arrifana. You can choose to be picked up or we meet at the beach you wanna go for surf. All Sessions start at the beach are up to 2 Hours.

Of course you bring your own Equipment but if you need a Surfboard or SUP we have the right Boards for our Session.

Surf Photos and Video Analytics are possible.