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Toll fees motorhomes France, Spain, Portugal


According to my observation, the growth of motorhomes among traveling surfers in Europe has increased extremely, especially in the last two years. Certainly to the delight of the toll stations in France, Spain and Portugal, which I would like to discuss in this article. What do I actually pay there and what alternative options do I have with my campervan.


Route National: There you can actually cross the country to your spots completely free of charge. But it comes with the following disadvantages because it is quite time-consuming. Every few km there is a roundabout where you have to brake your vehicle, downshift and accelerate again. It is questionable whether this is good for the transmission and really saves money, because you have to move on quickly and so you will have to accelerate to make progress. Gasoline is eaten. Gas stations close in the evening. So always make sure that it is filled in a timely manner.

Highway: Of course it costs money, but you can move forward quickly. It is important to note that if you drive into a toll booth, the class displayed for buses and two-axle vehicles must be “class 2” and not “class 3” as is often shown. If it doesn’t say “class 2”, then press the info button (sometimes they don’t answer, then ring until someone answers in annoyance) and wait until someone answers in French. Second words say: “Campervan” and “class 2”. Most of the time they change over immediately and you can pay. With double axles like mine, I had to argue stubbornly at some toll stations, but unfortunately I often had to pay “class 3”. Credit card recommended.


Route National: Is passable. Just around the Pyrenees towards Burgos. However, if you have a slow campervan, you should be careful. Spanish truck drivers in particular are not nice. Pushing away, honking and throwing insults are the order of the day. I recommend the highway here.

Highway: Costs the same. There are always cashiers in the toll booths. They classify it directly as “class 2”. Very nice. From Burgos the motorway to Portugal West and South is free. Credit card recommended.


Route National: Not recommended. One big pickle and you’ll never arrive.

Motorway: Just after the border there is a so-called registration station. Go ahead and drive, the license plate will be scanned and you will pay with your credit card. Afterwards, toll scanners follow along the route (prices are always listed) and it is subsequently debited from your credit card. Valid for 30 days. (Can be deregistered online beforehand). Of course you can also drive through and not check in. If you get caught it costs 25 times as much. There will be no persecution to Germany. But I’ve also heard otherwise. Other highways also have toll booths with tickets and cashier stations. It really depends on which one you’re riding on.

Have a good trip everyone.

I look forward to a comment, questions or suggestions.

Otherwise, have a good time. See you on the water.


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