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Stand UP paddle training on the River Rhein


For many stand-up paddlers who live within Germany and have the great Rhine on their doorstep or nearby, the desire to paddle on it comes sooner or later.

Unlike standing water, traveling with a stand-up paddle board brings with it many dangers and rules that must be observed in addition to shipping traffic. But in our opinion, what is an even bigger factor is that some stand-up paddlers simply overestimate themselves and their abilities.

Since 2016, Secret Surf Travel , the SUP Station Cologne and the SUP Online Academy have been training numerous water sports enthusiasts in the Cologne area to ensure the safe preservation of paddling on the Rhine. Courses are offered at regular intervals every year.

Due to the experiences from the last few years, every participant must take an exam before the start of the “SUP Rhine Workshop”. Often the participants were not technically fit enough to cope with the demands of the big river. This ended up endangering themselves and slowing down the rest of the group. If you don’t feel up to the test tasks, the “SUP Rhein Preparation Course” won’t hurt you to improve yourself. Passing the exam is a must for the “Rhine Workshop”. This sets a good standard in the Cologne, Bonn and surrounding areas.

Everything will then be explained theoretically and practically in an approximately 4-hour workshop. You must bring your own, sensible material and a suitable life jacket. The SUP Station Cologne, Secret Surf Travel and the SUP Online Academy are always available for questions and bookings.

I look forward to your comments, questions or suggestions.

Otherwise, have a good time. See you on the water.


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