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SUP calorie consumption in a 60 minute session (stand up paddling)


As you can see from the image source shown above (via JOBE), your body naturally burns different amounts of calories during SUP activities. Just like in other sports.

Of course, I also asked myself what I would consume during a training session like this. I had values ​​for comfortable paddling and racing thanks to my rating systems (SUUNTO). But what is used up in the SUP wave, for example, was of course missing.

In the table listed, you should of course consider the intervals and your weight. Therefore, it shows us more of a, how should we say, average guideline value.

Nevertheless, I found it interesting and added it to the blog.

As an addition I would now add SUP surfing. According to my Garmin MK2 watch, I burn around 334 calories in 1 hour of SUP surfing. Of course I would say it depends on how many waves I have and how much I move extremely or whether I just paddle around in the line up.

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