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BALI Tip: Be careful when withdrawing from ATMs


Here’s a quick tip for all travelers to BALI

Be careful when withdrawing from ATMs

Again and again, not to mention almost all travelers here in Bali, I hear again and again that their debit cards or credit cards are hacked and that amounts of between 700 euros and 1600 euros are usually withdrawn. Maybe you’re wondering how this can work? At least such a large amount. I believe that multiple copies are drawn from the hacked cards and the sums are drawn in teams at x number of machines at the same time. Which means that the banking system doesn’t check it so quickly and release the amounts. Sometimes these sums are only withdrawn when the travelers have long since returned home.

What to do ?

It’s easy, even if sometimes casual, to go into the right banks. Best where there is security at the entrance. These machines are save. Don’t use the other machines. If you notice a hack, definitely go to the police if you are still in Bali and have it confirmed in writing. Then you will get the money back safely from the bank. The banks would like to see such a certificate. Makes things easier. As a rule, the money is returned anyway. It’s just annoying when the card is blocked and the traveler ends up on the island without any money.

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