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Weever fish – better don`t step


The little “Weever” looks very harmless at first glance, but that is deceptive because it is one of the most dangerous poisonous animals in Europe. But why is this so interesting for surfers?

There are two genera and nine different species. At night they roam around, but during the day we rest from the exertions of the night right where we get in and out of the sea. The 15 – 71 cm long fish often burrows into the sand near the shore. He could do that if it weren’t for the little poisonous spines on his front back. And that’s exactly what this post is about. What do we do if we step on it?

At first there is an incredibly sharp pain. Within the following 50 minutes after the sting, the poison quickly spreads through the bloodstream throughout the body and irritates the nerves, especially in the back. A mixture of 5-hydroxytryptamine (serotonin) causes pain. In addition, there is a protein that causes the body to release histamine. Resulting in swelling and possible skin irritation. Some of you may experience headaches, nausea and fever. The cycle can start to fluctuate. If breathing and cardiac arrhythmias also set in, things become critical. In the worst case, cardiac arrest can occur.

First AID :

The first point of danger is when the person affected is still in the water. The severe pain makes swimming almost impossible. There is a risk of drowning here.

On land, if there is still one, please remove the stinger(s) from the wound. The so-called “temperature shock method” should then be used. Warm water (approx. 45 °C – be careful of risk of burns) is of course not as popular on the beach as a chilled beer, but would be the best solution. A hairdryer would also be ideal to heat the poisoned Arenal. So all we can do is take a lit cigarette. This is held for a few minutes at a distance of half a centimeter to one centimeter above the skin area. Here the proteins and toxins are inactivated by the heat and have no effect. The pain subsides. Immediately afterwards you should place an ice pack from the beach bar on your skin.

Those affected should then see a doctor who can examine the wound and stop a possible allergic reaction. Reactions can occur even hours later. Better safe than sorry.

Increasing incidents on the coasts are believed to be due to global warming.

I hope I have made you a little aware of our little friend and I don’t wish anyone to come into contact with him unless you would like to have this type of fish, which is considered a delicacy in some countries, on your plate. However, it is questionable for me whether you will get full of it.

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