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Study published on injuries during stand up paddling (SUP).


A study by Maurice Balke, Thorsten Kegler and Marco Fischer

Finally published after a long time, if you are interested.

The results of the survey on stand-up paddling injuries have just been published in the “Orthopedic Journal of Sports Medicine”. The publication is “open access” and therefore freely available to everyone.

First of all, thank you very much again for your participation! Although the survey was limited to German-speaking countries, thanks to your cooperation we were able to include the highest number of paddlers to date. Not all of the content from the survey was included in the publication.

This is due, on the one hand, to the limited length of the text and, on the other hand, to a lack of relevance. At that time, for example, some people justifiably asked what connection the board brand or purchase price had with injuries. The aim was to find indicators of how seriously the sport is practiced and to find out whether there are any connections between buying so-called “green” brands and environmental protection.

However, neither was found. There was no influence of the brands on the results, but very few owners of “discount” boards took part. Overall, we paddlers practice a great and safe sport that is practiced equally by women and men of all ages. If the weather gets worse, you might find time to read. Otherwise, we hope you enjoy paddling and remember to wear the right clothes in winter.

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