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First aid for surfteachers should be up to date


What does YOUR “first aid certificate” actually look like?

Does this position mean something to you and do you remember how it works?

Especially as a stand-up paddle instructor or surf teacher, you should be familiar with the most important first aid measures and if we are honest with ourselves, then:

Do YOU ​​know right now off the top of my head what YOU are doing with a person who is fainting next to you in 40 degree weather?

That’s why I think your license should be refreshed every 2 years and if you work as a surf instructor or guide or in the SUP sector, even every year. (Winter time can be used ideally for this)

At my stations, the team members always have to present their current certificate, so that we are on the safe side. Unfortunately, help has already been provided one or two times. Good thing we were fit.

Would you like a bit of electricity? (Can save lives)


SUP Tours in white water always poses a risk of injury. How do I help first aid? Only when I know exactly what to do.

This little post is just to remind you to be fit. There can be so many situations that will test your skills. Be ready and keep fit.

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