Danger Surfboard paddle in cold lakes


Danger Surfboard paddle in cold lakes

More and more often I read or am asked what the situation is when it comes to ice on Lakes. A few times it was also about whether you can paddle a surfboard at this time of year (February).

Stand UP Paddling: Of course, paddling with the Stand UP Paddle Board and appropriate functional clothing is no problem at all. You know, when the lake is frozen, there is no possibility of paddling. Otherwise, your safety is guaranteed with functional clothing.

Surfboard Paddling & Swimming: The greater danger lies in the areas of surfboard paddling and swimming. There are definitely suits, booties etc. But hypothermia of your body is clearly a danger that should not be underestimated. You may probably think that your fitness is great and that you always paddle. That may be true, but the temperatures at this time of year demand maximum performance from your body and heart. You quickly cool down and your strength dwindles.

Swimmers are more likely to be affected because the surfer carries a board with him. (No use if you have heart failure). Additionally, your kidneys will suffer at this time of year.

Even at the beginning of May 2016 and 2017, swimmers (without a wetsuit) were rescued by SUP paddlers because they could no longer swim in the middle of Lake Fühlinger due to hypothermia.

My tip: jogging. Swimming in the pool, sauna, gym (possible from just 19.90 per month), etc.

I know it’s not the same, but neither is getting drunk.

Danger Surfboard paddle in cold lakes ( German Video edition )

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